Schneider ABL2REM24020K Switch Mode Power Supply

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Schneider ABL2REM24020K Switch Mode Power Supply

Single phase power supply – 100…240V input – 24V DC output – 50W – 2,2A | Schneider SMPS

range of product
Easy Modicon ABL2
product or component type
Power supply
power supply type
Regulated switch mode
rated power in W
50 W
input voltage
100…240 V AC single phase
output voltage
24 V DC
power supply output current
2.2 A
operating position
Any position
vibration resistance
4 gn (f= 10…500 Hz) conforming to EN/IEC 61131-2
name of test
Conducted interference conforming to EN 61000-6-4 level A
input voltage limits
85…264 V
network frequency
47…63 Hz
inrush current
45 A at 100…240 V AC
Schneider SMPS cos phi
88 %
power dissipation in W
6.8 W

current consumption

0.6 A at 240 V
input protection type
Integrated fuse (not interchangeable)
output voltage limits
20.4…27.6 V
line and load regulation
+/- 1 %
holding time
>= 12 ms at 115 V
output protection type
Against overload, protection technology: 1.1…1.5 x In
Against short-circuits, protection technology: 1.1…1.5 x In
Against overvoltage, protection technology: 1.1…1.5 x In
connections – terminals
For ground connection: screw type terminals, connection capacity: 1 x 4 mm² AWG 12
Schneider SMPS

mounting support

DIN rail with accessory
Panel mounting with accessory
operating altitude
5000 m
output coupling
overvoltage category
meantime between failure [MTBF]
720600 h at 25 °C
status LED
1 LED (green)output voltage:
82 mm
99 mm
30 mm
net weight
0.25 kg
ABL2REM24020K Environment
product certifications
environmental characteristic
EMC conforming to EN 55022 class B
IP degree of protection
IP20 conforming to EN/IEC 60950
ambient air temperature for operation
-30…70 °C (with rated power derating 5 W per °C)
ambient air temperature for storage
-40…85 °C
Schneider SMPS

relative humidity

10…95 %
over voltage category
Class I conforming to VDE 0106-1
pollution degree
dielectric strength
2000 V between input and ground


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